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AHCA Provider Lounge Series: The Case for Palliative Care

Posted by Kris Mastrangelo on Thu, Nov 29, 2018

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Interview with Debbie Meade, CEO of Health Management (Georgia)

Pam Duchene, Vice President of Education and Training at Harmony Healthcare International (HHI), interviews Debbie Meade, CEO of Health Management (Georgia), in the 2018 AHCA Provider Lounge.   Among the things that Debbie is most proud of is the six month palliative care program they have rolled out in her facilities.  The person-centered palliative care program focuses on improving and prioritizing the patient's quality of life.   Debbie believes that it is especially important to establish a palliative program of this nature as we near the year 2025 when members of the "silver tsunami" as she calls them (baby boomers) enter the skilled nursing facilities.  She explains that baby boomers have grown up with the mindset of "there's a doctor out there who can fix it; there's a medicine out there that can cure it" and because of that, it will be even more important to emphasize quality of life over quantity (years) of life.   With that said, Debbie could not have established this program without the help of her core staff who are not just staff to her, but part of her family. 

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