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AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Long-Term Care and the Data Dilemma

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Mark Parkinson's Advice for SNFs in 2019

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: The Case for Palliative Care

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Solving the Staffing Dilemma

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: The Journey to Gold (Quality Award)

ICYMI: Leave of Absence

SNF PPS Final Rule FY2019: Principal Diagnosis and Expected Decline

Leave of Absence

SNF Quality Reporting Program (SNF QRP): Top 10 Things you Need to Know

Five Strategies for Pain Management

MDS 3.0 Updates Effective October 1, 2018: Question and Answer (Part IV of IV)

MDS 3.0 Updates Effective October 1, 2018: Question and Answer (Part III of IV)

MDS 3.0 Updates Effective October 1, 2018: Question and Answer (Part II of IV)

MDS 3.0 Updates Effective October 1, 2018: Question and Answer (Part I of IV)

Intent to Transfer and Discharge Letter

OT Skilled Treatment Techniques for Dementia (Part II)

ICYMI: Skilled Care (Occupational Therapy) for Dementia: Part I

ICYMI - More Questions and Answers: ABN and NOMNC

SNF Value-Based Purchasing: Hospital Readmissions Incentive Payment Multiplier

Siderails/Bedrails F700: State Operation Manual Appendix PP

SNF PPS Final Rule FY19: Top 10 Things You Need to Know

More Questions and Answers: ABN and NOMNC

Skilled Care (Occupational Therapy) for Dementia: Part I

Survey Update: Immediate Jeopardy and Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies

MDS Validation Reports and Grouper Accuracy

Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC) Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (SNFABN) Part VII

Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC) Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (SNFABN) Part VI

Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC) Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (SNFABN) Part V

Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (SNFABN): Part IV

Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC): Part III

Question and Answer: NOMNC and SNFABN: Part II

Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage (NOMNC) and Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage (SNFABN) - Part I

Medicare Week:  Fact or Fiction

MDS PPS Assessments Compliance (Part 2): Missed Assessments

MDS PPS Assessments Compliance (Part I): Late Assessments

Value-Based Purchasing Program (VBP): Skilled Nursing Facility

Need to Know: Skilled Nursing Documentation for Admissions

Top 12 E-Tags: Emergency Preparedness

Enforcement Freeze on 8 F-Tags

F-Tags: Severity and Scope

Top 10 F-Tags Deficiency Trends in Nursing Facility Health Inspections

Therapy Modes of Care Under a Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

Merry Walker Ambulation Device: Restraint or Not a Restraint

RCS-1 Resident Classification System Version 1 Delayed until October 2019 and Modified to Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

Quality Measure: The Ability to Move Independently Worsened

SNF Value-Based Purchasing: Hospital Readmissions 2% Reduction or a 1% Increase

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Data Collection: Top 10 Things You Need to Know

Requirements for Requirements of Participation (RoP) Overview Phase I, Phase II and Phase III

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Active Residents Equal Happy Residents

SNF PEPPER Report - April 2018 Release

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: SNF Staffing Amid Regulatory Challenges

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Providing for a Sicker, Better-Informed Resident Base

Medicare Part A Required SNF PPS Assessments: Back to Basics (Part 3 of 3)

Medicare Part A Required SNF PPS Assessments: Back to Basics (Part 2 of 3)

Medicare Part A Required SNF PPS Assessments: Back to Basics (Part 1 of 3)

RCS-1 Modes of Therapy: MDS Guidelines (Section O)

Person-Centered Therapy Services

VA Hospital: 3-Night Qualifying Medicare Stay

Positioning Devices, Self-Releasing Devices and Restraints

Respiratory Therapy: MDS Coding, Criteria and Qualified Professional

Denial Letters: ABN = Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-Coverage

Physical Restraints: Identify the Effect of the Device, Not the Device

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Setting the Standard for a World-Class Organization

RCS-1 (Resident Classification System Version 1): Questions and Answers

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Finding Success through Data Collection, Respiratory Therapy and Specialization

Medicare Part B Outpatient Therapy Caps Eliminated: Top 5 Hot Points

Medicare Part B Therapy Cap Update

Medicare Part B Caps

Coffee with Kris: A Laugh with Lenny Clarke

Therapy: When is it Evaluation? When is it Treatment?

60 Day Spell of Wellness: Back to Basics

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: What RCS-1 Means for Therapy in the SNF

Immediate Jeopardy: Scope and Severity

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Defining and Refining Patient Population for the Facility Assessment

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: A "Gold Standard" Facility

Bed Inspections: Risk for Entrapment

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Meeting New Staffing Standards

2017 AHCA Provider Lounge Series: State of Medicaid in the State of New Jersey

2017 AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Case Mix in a Value-Based Purchasing Environment

2017 AHCA Provider Lounge Series: A Post-Acute Care World Without Paper?

2017 AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Prioritizing in a Sea of Regulatory Change

2017 AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Facility Assessment, A Baseline Measurement for the SNF

2017 AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Quality in a Data-Driven World

Person-Centered Care: Quality of Care and Quality of Life

Therapeutic Pass, LOA and Midnight Rule

Twelve Things to Know About the TB12 Method

Top 3 Things You Need to Know for SNF Operational Success

Consolidated Billing in a Skilled Nursing Facility: Top 4 Things You Need to Know

ADL Coding: The Rule of Three

Core Competencies for Healthcare Clinicians

MDS Coding Revision Effective 10.1.17: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Without an Indwelling Catheter

Maintenance Therapy (Medicare Part B): Can it be Rendered by a PT Assistant?

Legionella Infections

Open Enrollment 2018: Medicare Part A & B

Phase Two Requirements for Requirements of Participation (RoP): Top 13 Things You Need to Know

MDS Updates October 2017

Health Inspection: Five Star Impact

Compliance Risk Areas: Top 19 Risk Areas

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #7 Enforcement, Discipline and Incentives

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #6 Responsibility and Oversight Committee

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #5 Auditing and Monitoring

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #4 Prevention and Response

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #3 Education and Training

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #2 Reporting and Investigating

Compliance Series - 7 Elements: #1 Policies and Procedures

Compliance Series: 7 Elements of An Effective Compliance Program

New Long-Term Care Survey Process: Seven Parts

New Long-Term Care Survey Process: Implementation Grid and F-Tag Renumbering

New Long-Term Care Survey Process: QIS vs New Survey Process

The Long-Term Care Survey Process: Refinements in the Making

Lower 14 RUG Days: What You Need to Know

Therapy Minutes Defined: Medicare Part A

Combining OBRA and PPS MDS Assessments

Isolation: Coding Requirements and Supporting Documentation

Requirement of Participation (RoP): Facility Assessment Tool

Nursing Observations Necessary for Rehabilitation Screening, Evaluation and Intervention

Managed Medicare: Care Basics

RCS-1 (Resident Classification System): Significant Change in Status Assessments

Resident Classification System RCS-I (Part 2)

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Industry Updates

Arbitration Agreements: Proposed Rule

Change of Therapy and End of Therapy: Unnecessary Assessment Completion OMRA

Bundled Programs Still Mandatory: 2 New Cardiac Programs

Question of the Week: Short Stay Assessments

MDS 3.0 OMRA Management: Change of Therapy (COT) and Start of Therapy (SOT)

Need to Know: Skilled Nursing Documentation for Admissions

Alert: CMS Glitch Regarding Quality Reporting Program (QRP)

ICD-10 Coding: Diagnosis of B20 (HIV)

Resident Classification System (RCS-I): Top 14 Points (Part 1)

Top Ten Points: Proposed Rule for SNFs

Two Types of MDS Discharges

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Building Quality-Driven Communities

The Medicare Spell of Illness (Benefit Period)

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Meeting the Needs of Baby Boomers

Developing an Effective Compliance Program: Policies and Procedures

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Keeping the Small Provider in the Marketplace

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Data Analytics in the SNF

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Recruiting and Retaining Caregivers

Quality Measure for Behaviors Affecting Others

Change of Therapy Assessment (COT): To Combine or Not to Combine?

Quality Measure Confusion and Clarity: Hospital Readmissions

Quality Measure Alert! UTI Miscoding: An Interesting Software Snafu

Quality Measure for Pain: What Audits are Telling Us

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: The Provider's Payment Predicament

Transfer and Discharge Notification: What You Need to Know

QAPI: Checklist for the Transition (Part 3)

Five Elements of a Successful QAPI Program (Part 2)

QAPI Program: Is Your Facility Prepared? (Part 1)

The MDS Coding Corner: Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Medicare Denial Notices: The 4 Letters You Need to Know

The MDS Coding Corner: Isolation Criteria

The False Improvement Standard: Are Your Therapists Treating All Patients Appropriately?

MDS 3.0 Section GG: Ideal Number of Goals

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: What Payment Reform Means for Skilled Nursing Facilities

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: What the Requirements of Participation Means for Staffing

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Redefining the Role of Rehab in Person-Centered Care

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Patient Outcomes in a Value-Based World

Person-Centered Care Planning: Insight to Resident Assessment

Person-Centered Care Planning: 4 Foundational Concepts

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Staffing and Quality of Care: It’s all about the Community within the Community

Requirements of Participation (RoP): Cultivating Residents' Rights

Requirements of Participation (RoP): 5 Operational Strategies Necessary to Maintain CMS Compliance

SNF PEPPER (version Q4FY16): What You Need to Know

Decoding the CPT Codes: Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Evaluation (Part 2)

Decoding the CPT Codes: Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Evaluation (Part 1)

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: CJR and Cardiac Bundled Payment Models (video)

AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Small Facility Leads the Way in SNF Memory Care (video)

Medicare Leave of Absence: Home for the Holidays

Jimmo Settlement: Improvement is Not a Requirement

Medicare Part A PPS Discharge MDS Assessment

Five Steps to Understanding Low Risk Bowel and Bladder Incontinence

Accountable Care Organizations Update:  ACOs and Medicaid

New Evaluation CPT Codes

Top 7 Valuable Nuggets:  2017 OIG Work Plan

MDS Modification Memorandum

2015 MDS Focused Survey Results

Maintenance Therapy: Top 10 Things to Know

Requirements of Participation (CMS): Phases 1,2,3 Checklist

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: What has Changed?

Quality Measures # 16: Residents Who Received an Antipsychotic Medication – Long Stay (Part 2)

Quality Measures # 16:  Residents Who Received an Antipsychotic Medication - Long Stay (Part 1)

MDS 3.0 Section GG Coding Examples

Quality Measure #8: One or More Falls with Major Injury - Long Stay (Part 2)

Quality Measure #8: One or More Falls with Major Injury - Long Stay (Part 1)

CMS Requirements of Participation: Top 9 Things to Know

Top 10 Questions: Coding Section GG

Quality Measure #11:  Pressure Ulcers/Injury - Long Stay (Part 2)

Quality Measure #11: Pressure Ulcers/Injury - Long Stay (Part 1)

We’ve got a Physical Restraint!  Now what? 7 Steps to Assess

Quality Measure: Physical Restraints - Long Stay (Section P)

"Sweet 16": Quality Measures and Your Five-Star

Quality Measure: New or Worsening Pressure Ulcer - Short Stay

Quality Measure Improvement in Function: Top Two Questions about the Measure

Quality Measures Related to Pain:  Understanding the Intent of the Pain Assessment

Top 6 Nuggets: SNF PPS Final Rule FY 2017

5 Steps for MDS Section GG Preparedness

Are You Survey Ready? Federal Remedies Soon Approaching

Physical Restraints: Proper Evaluation and Implementation (Part 2)

Physical Restraints: Defined and Refined (Part 1)

Five-Star ALERT: Sweet 16 Quality Measures Not So Sweet

Bundled Payments Are Heart Throbbing

MDS Interviews: Is your Coding Accurate?

SPOT (Supportive Planning and Operations Team):  Fines or Feedback

SNFs Beware:  Your Five-Star Rating May Be Impacted on July 27th

Top 5 Tips to Enhance Time Management for Census Development

Is it Too Late to Prepare for SNF Quality Reporting?

Nursing Documentation in Support of Therapy Services

Five Fundamental Steps for A Denial Free Medicare Audit

Medicare Week:  Fact or Fiction

MDS Short Stay Policy: The 8 Conditions (Part 2 of 2)

MDS Short Stay Policy: Does the Patient Qualify? (Part 1 of 2)

SNF Provider’s Guide to Section GG

Therapy Co-Treatment Scenarios and Documentation

Top 5 Documentation Tips for Speech Cognition (Part 2 of 2)

Top 5 Documentation Tips for Speech Cognition (Part 1 of 2)

Payroll Based Journal:  Ready or not here it comes!

Top 10 MMQ (Management Minutes Questionnaire) Nursing Summary Tips

Top Five Census Opportunities in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing Documentation (Part 2): Assessments vs Conclusion Statements

Skilled Nursing Documentation (Part 1): The Four Pillars

5 Tips On Dementia for Survey In Massachusetts (and maybe in your state!)

New York Medicaid Case Mix: 14 Tips for Accurate Reimbursement

Top 5 Tips to Best Manage Your Quality Measures (QM)

ADL Coding: Outcomes and Improvement

ADL Coding: Where Does the Confusion Begin?

PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System): Therapists Need to Report on Quality

SNF Alert: Top 5 MDS Changes Effective October 1, 2016

Value-Based Purchasing: Evaluating Excellence in the SNF

Top 5 Things to Know to Prevent Duplication of Therapy Services

The Results: New York State Nursing Home Surveillance Audit

SNF Alert: Five-Star Preview Reports are Available Today

SNF PEPPER (version Q4FY15) Released: What You Need to Know

Ready to Exit? CMS Issues Survey & Certification Memo

CMS Releases Skilled Nursing Utilization and Payment Public Use File

Six New Quality Measures Set to Impact Five-Star Rating System

Antibiotic Stewardship in America's Nursing Homes

CMS Initiates Pilot of Infection Assessment & Prevention Improvement Surveys

MDS 3.0 Section GG - Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

Fitness Storefronts for Active Aging

Putting 2 & 2 Together: Aligning Therapy & Documentation in the SNF

In Bundled Matrimony: What Post-Acute Care Providers Should do to Survive a Bundled Payment Agreement (Part 1)

Medicare and Medicaid Proposed Rule:  Regulatory Changes for Long-Term Care Facilities

The Dynamics of Quality in the New World of Post-Acute Care

Exploring Pain Management Goals in the SNF with Advancing Excellence

Exploring Mobility Goals in the SNF with Advancing Excellence

The Art of the Interview: Hiring in the SNF

QIO Directive on Discharge Documentation

Disrupt Infections: Building Community Immunity

First-Hand SNF Experience with MDS Focused Survey

Avoiding Denials: Speech Therapy Documentation in the SNF

Transitioning Rehab Services from Medicare Part A to Part B in the SNF

Intergovernmental Transfers: Funding State Medicaid Programs

SCOTUS Decision in King v Burwell: Crisis Averted?

The ICD-10 Transition: The Biggest Fear for SNF Providers

Employee Motivation and its Impact on SNF Success

How to Solve the Biggest Problem with Your SNF Medical Record

The Change Agenda for Post-Acute Care

SNFs Guide to Understanding Admission Dates on the MDS

OIG and Industry Leaders Team Up to Release Guidance for Healthcare Boards

Is Your Skilled Nursing Facility Ready for the 2014 PEPPER?

Sustainable Growth Rate Repeal: What it Means for SNFs

The SNF Therapy Dilemma: In-House v. Contract

Case Mix Best Practices for the Skilled Nursing Facility

HIPAA - Individually Identifiable Information: Know the Rules!

RAC Auditors Resume Nationwide – SNF Part B Claims at Risk

Managing Medicare Advantage HIPPS Codes in the Skilled Nursing Facility

The Critical Role of Nutrition in Wound Healing

Wound Care in the Skilled Nursing Facility: The Latest “Buzz”

Maintaining Skilled Nursing Facility Compliance: F155 Advance Directives

Long-Term Care Regulations & Policy in the Face of Health Care Reform: 2015 and Beyond

Maintenance Therapy: Goal Setting in the Skilled Nursing Facility

Jimmo v. Sebelius: Updates for Skilled Nursing & Therapy Services

Length of Stay (LOS) - What is the Best Calculation?

An Introduction to ICD-10

Medicare Versus MMQ ADL Documentation

Beyond The Average Length of Stay

Making Nursing Homes Better Places to Live, Work, and Visit

Selecting the Right Electronic Records System for Your Facility

Want To Avoid an Audit? Remember to PREPARE

Is Your Compliance Culture Helping or Hurting You?

Avoiding Data Breaches in Your SNF: 10 Scenarios to Look Out For

Quality Indicator Survey – Are You Ready?

Top 5 Ways to Attract and Retain a Good MDS Coordinator

Chronic Disease Management in the Skilled Nursing Facility Population

Using Standardized Testing to Improve Therapy Documentation

Medicare Denied Claims – How the Appeal Letter Can Make Or Break You

Medicare Advantage Organization HIPPS Codes Update

Conducting Your Skilled Nursing Facility Risk Analysis

Keep Dementia Training Front of Mind

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Proposed Rule FY2015

Why We Love the Discharge Process (And so should you!)

Therapy Screening Techniques: The Critical Role of the Nurse

Avoid Lost Revenue by Understanding Your Managed Care Contracts

Healthcare Corporate Compliance: Keys to Assembling A Sound Program

Skilled Therapy Documentation The Importance of Weekly Progress Notes

The Importance of Preventing Artificially Low Case Mix Reimbursement

New York State Transitions to Medicaid Managed Care Plan March 1st

Updated Medicare Benefit Policy Manual

Skilled Rehabilitation Treatment Planning for Seating and Positioning

Establishing the Medicare Denial Management Process

2014 PEPPER Report Update: From Snail Mail to Electronic Delivery

10 Tips for a Better Case Mix Index

Speech-Language Pathology CPT Codes Changes Effective January 1, 2014

Medicare Rehabilitation Medium and Low RUG Categories - Distinct Days

Nutrition and the Elderly – Making the Connection to Wound Healing

Is Your Facility Compliant with the ACA's '13 Compliance Regulations

Palliative Care and Wound Care: Determining the Balance

Care Planning Towards Quality Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

October 2013 MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual Updates

Skilled Nursing Facilities: Where Is My PEPPER?

12 Questions When Screening for Falls & Balance Problems in Your SNF

Medicare & Medicaid Integrity Issues: Who Is Auditing Us Now?

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Outpatient Therapy G-Codes: Supporting Skilled Care

Clinical Components of ARD Management

Don’t Sweep Bad MDS 3.0 Coding Under the RUGs

Therapy Departments "The Business within the Business"

Skilled Nursing Documentation: Provide Evidence of Respiratory Therapy

Scrutinize the Lower 14 RUG-IV Scores

Identification of Mood Disorders; MDS 3.0 Section D

Data, Data, Data - You Cannot Make Bricks Without Clay

Nurses Rule the World

CMS SNF PPS Final Rule for FY 2014 Published

Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER)

Skilled Nursing Facility Thorough Employment Interview Process

Improve the Accuracy in Coding of Section G; ADL Functional Status

Skilled Therapy Documentation/Standardized Testing

Making Sense of New CMS Guidelines for Maintenance Therapy

Important! Timely Physician Certifications & Re-Certifications

ICD-10 in the SNF - Be Prepared

5 Tips to Improve Therapy Documentation

MDS and UB-04 Review: A 3 Point/Triple Check System

Modifying the PPS Assessment Reason for Assessment After Transmission

Modifying the Assessment Reference Date (ARD) After Transmission

Updates to MDS 3.0; Section G May 2013 - A Few Recommendations

CMS Proposed Final Rule FY2014 - Medicare Payment Rates

Skilled Nursing Documentation and the Continuum of Patient Care

5 Tips to Defend Against Allegations of Improper Claim Submission

Alarm Fatigue can be Deadly in the SNF!

5 Talent Management Tips to Improve Retention in Your Workplace

ADL Coding Clarification from CMS

End of Therapy (EOT) and Medicare Part A

Pain Management Intervention

A Simple Key to ARD Selection

Assessing Pain in the SNF

COT OMRA: What to Consider?

Medicare Part B Evaluation Billing

MDS 3.0 Basics; Revisiting Section M: Skin Conditions

Strategy to Optimize Length of Stay

COT Assessment through the Eyes of CMS

OIG Conducting Medical Record Review

Coordinating Complex Medicare Part A Patient Care in a SNF

SNF Denial Management

Rehab Case Management for Case Mix

CMS Stresses Accuracy on MDS Interviews

Beneficiary Review Meeting: Medicare Part A Skilling and MORE!

Therapeutic Approaches for Patients with Dementia

Appealing Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B Denied Caims

Case Mix as a Medicaid Reimbursement System

Optimizing Medicare Part A Length of Stay with Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning: Determining Prior Level of Function

Encoding Period and the MDS. The Importance of a Triple Check System

Responding Properly to an ARD or RFA Error

A Guide to Appealing Denied Claims

Medicare Part A Benefits and The Challenging Patient

Coordinating Patient Care in a SNF

CMS COT - Medicare Minute

MDS Interviews - Medicare Minute

Mild Dementia Adaptations in SNFs

CMS Provider Trainining Discusses MDS and RUG-IV Changes

Pain Management Intervention - Medicare Minute

Medicare Meeting (Beneficiary Review Meeting)- Medicare Minute

Therapy Plan of Care for Dementia - Medicare Minute

EOT - Medicare Minute

Pain Management & Documentation - Medicare Minute

Change of Therapy - Medicare Minute

ARD Selection - Medicare Minute

Length of Stay - Medicare Minute

Introducing Harmony Healthcare's "Medicare Minute" Video Blog!

Capturing Mood Disorders On The MDS 3.0

Harmony Healthcare Launching Therachirps Blog!

MDS 3.0 Data Included in QCLI Dictionary

MDS 3.0 and Care Area Assessments; A Decision Facilitator

New Final Rule FY 2012 Therapy Documentation Requirements

Medicare Part A verified by Mobile Medical Review for NY and CT!

ADL Skills: Addressing Posture and Positioning in the SNF

Managing Medicare Part A Length of Stay

How to Manage the COT OMRA

CMS Clarifications on COT OMRA questions and more!!!

CMS Posts MDS 3.0 RAI Manual Updates.......Again


SNF PPS Final Rule FY2012: Strategies For The Transition

MDS 3.0 RAI Manual Changes

MDS 3.0, PPS rate adjustments, What is the Focus for Fiscal Year 2012

Final Rule - Change of Therapy OMRA. What you need to Know!!!

SNF PPS FY 2012; Final Rule Considerations and Preparations

CMS Posts Revised ABN

CMS Posts SNF Final Rule FY 2012

The Final Rule on PPS

Investigating ADL Coding

Revenue Isulation, Documentation and RUG-IV

SNF Discharge Planning for High Level Patients

CMS Publishes MDS 3.0 RAI Manual Updates

Therapy Involvement with Pain Assessment

CMS Gets Aggressive Against Fraud and Abuse

Harmony to offer AANAC Medicare University

MDS Alert

CMS Posts Proposed Changes to SNF PPS FY 2012

Therapy Cap: Congress Works on Repeal

Medicare Billing Noncovered Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Quality Indicator Survey Seminar

Reduce Risk of Audit With Accurate ICD-9 Coding

What The OIG is Saying About Medicare Part A SNF Billing

Part B Therapy Documentation

NQF Board Endorses New Quality Measures

SNF Therapy Legislative Updates

Rehab Professionals Influence on the MDS 3.0

Medicare 30 Day Window

ICD 9 Coding

Medicare Audits-Assessments in the Lower 18


Medicare Length of Stay

Medicare Presumption of Coverage

Increase your Medicare Part A Revenue

Rehabilitation Services Impact on Medicaid Case Mix

10 ways to Increase your Case Mix Index

Case Mix Assessments

Case Mix Assessment Reference Date Management

Management of Case Mix Index

Assessment Reference Date

Assessment Reference Date Management II

ARD: Impact on Rehabilitation Plus Categories

Medicare Part B Therapy Program Development

Medicare Part B Therapy Program Development Part II

Keys to Developing a Restorative Nursing Program

Transition your Nursing home to your new (MAC)

Nursing Homes transition to your new MAC

Increase your Case Mix Index Tip #6

Increase your Medicaid Case Mix Index Tip #4

Increase your Medicaid Case Mix Index Tip #3

Increase your Medicaid Case Mix Index Part II

Increasing your Medicaid Case Mix Index

Pain Management Tips and Strategies in a SNF

Pain Management Strategies in a SNF; Part II

Therapy Notes to prevent Medicare Denials

ADL Coding-Positioning and Seating

Identification of Therapy Candidates in a SNF

Medicare ADR

CMS 5 Star Rating; Quality Measures

AANAC MDS Certification Program

End of Therapy OMRA in a SNF

CMS 5 Star Rating Quality Measures and Quality Indicators

Medicare ADR's and RAC Audits

5 Star Rating Quality Indicators in a SNF Part II

Medicare Part B Program Development with Quality Indicators

CMS SNF Payment Rates for FY 2010

MDS 3.0 Coding Cognitive Patterns

Medicare Part B Program Development

Restorative Nursing Program

Daily Skilled Nursing Documentation

Managing Medicare Length of Stay

Medicare Eligibility and Entitlement

Wound Care Documentation in the SNF

Medicare Compliance- Therapy and Nursing Documentation

RAC Audits

Skilled Nursing Documentation

MDS Accuracy

Rehab Goal Setting

Duplication of Services

Nursing Documentation-ADL Coding

Therapy Screening

Extensive Services

RUGs IV Update

Therapy Caps for 2010

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