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AHCA Provider Lounge: Betsy Johnson - Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

Posted by Kris Mastrangelo on Tue, Jan 21, 2020

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Interview with Betsy Johnson, President of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

Kris Mastrangelo, President and CEO at Harmony Healthcare International (HHI), interviews Betsy Johnson, President of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities (KAHCF), in the AHCA Provider Lounge.   Betsy Johnson discusses the current challenges facing long-term care facilities and professionals in the state of Kentucky.  First off, with a very low unemployment rate, Kentucky has a limited number of individuals looking for new jobs, let alone jobs in the long-term care industry.  With that in mind, KAHCF has joined forces with both the Kentucky Chamber and the Cabinet of Health and Family Services to promote jobs within the long-term care field.  As part of their partnership with the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, KAHCF encourages young adults who are aging out of the foster care system to look into careers within the field of aging.  The Cabinet in turn pays the salaries of any individuals taking advantage of this program.  Johnson is quick to remind the viewer that many of today's long-term care industry leaders were once CNAs who themselves started in the field when they were eighteen years-old.  Additionally, Johnson discusses the lack of tort reform in the state of Kentucky and the effect that has on the state's long-term care facilities.

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