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Interview with Faye Haverlock, Owner/Manager of Okeechobee Health Care Facility

Kris Mastrangelo, President of Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) interviews Faye Haverlock, Owner/Manager of Okeechobee Health Care Facility in Okeechobee, Floridain the 2017 AHCA Provider Lounge.  Faye has built a "Gold Standard" facility, staying ahead of the industry curve when it comes to the personal care she provides both her staff and residents.  She discusses how she empowers and supports her staff, from ensuring all staff have certified nursing assistant competencies to providing shelter to the families of staff who needed to work through recent storms (Audio transcription below).


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Transcribed Audio:

Kris Mastrangelo: Welcome everyone to the 68th AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Today we are blessed to have Faye Haverlock from Okeechobee, Florida. Faye I've known you for a decade, over a decade. You have an amazing facility, amazing staff and under your leadership some big things are happening: The Silver Award and Nurse of the Year. Tell us about what you've been doing and tell us about the award. We want to hear all about it.

Faye Haverlock: Well first I am so pleased to be here and get to see you and do you realize that we met in February of 2008 and look at what all has happened in it. You were you're part of it. You helped me because I had no training in Nursing Homes.

Kris: You run an amazing building and the staff, the knowledge and your leadership has gotten you to this point and I'm grateful for the kind words. I tell the story how when all the staff have certified nursing assistant competencies, which again your ahead of the time, and when the maintenance fellow was transferring the patient and the surveyors came in thinking he couldn't help the patient transfer, he flipped up his badge. It's like the new gold standard so I mean that that's amazing.

Faye: And we still do that still do.

Kris: And with the regulatory changes and the expectation of competencies that would be an example of what would be expected because you’re training and educating your entire staff on how to care for the patients with that course.

Faye: Well for an example, the storm that just came through, we let the staff bring their immediate families into the building with them. So, we set up a nursery and areas where we entertain the children. So, all of the management staff stayed and we had no problems. We have two generators so we were able to run the building but at least we took care of the residents but we take care of our staff. They're so important.

Kris: There’s a book called the New Gold Standard, it's the Ritz-Carlton book and it talks about taking care of your staff and that definitely contributes to your success because you're so great with your staff and then extending the generators and having the families come in - brilliant - because the families need to have help to especially everything going down in Florida.

Faye: I think it's personal. I try to treat everybody like I want to be treated and in return they treat the residents just like they're being treated. And the Nurse of the Year, she started with us as a housekeeper. So, we have people that are advancing and we sponsor them if they want to go into nursing. They have to pass certain criteria, but it just thrills us to see them get that classification and come back to work and it really perks everybody else.

Kris: Most or many CEOs/owners can be hesitant to expend the dollars, invest in training, but you obviously understand the outcomes because if you have a trained staff, there's positives ripple effects. And we all know the story: the CEO says let's train all of our people and then the CFO says well what if they leave and then the CEO says what if we don't train them and they stay. So therefore, you're already ahead of everyone else and giving the educational component, having said our relationship as well. And the nurse that went from housekeeping, promoting within, giving people opportunity to grow professionally and now she is Nurse of the Year and she'll be getting her award.

Faye: Yes, that’s right. She got it this morning.

Kris: That’s right at the Opening Remarks. Yeah, that’s great and what did you think about the Good to Great book. I've got I've got one for you. Jim Collins.

Faye: Yes, that was wonderful. That was Good. I look forward to reading the book.

Kris: One other thing. You know, you've got the Silver Quality Award and can you give advice for the viewers. How did you do that? Do you have any tips for the people watching?

Faye: Well I think it's the way we treat our staff. They're the ones that created it and then you were very instrumental in that. I was looking back, since 2008 you've helped us - we've expanded from 90 beds to 180 and we're adding 20 more!

Kris: That's amazing! It's so good!

Faye: But with the expertise that you brought into the building and I will say the girls that you've sent in are wonderful. Our staff love them. They look forward to them coming in. They get the training plus you're doing the review that gives me so much information to help me make decisions. So, it's wonderful.

Kris: And you know Faye, it's interesting what I didn't realize when I built it was that those chart reviews are giving us data to analyze and they give the feedback. It's lifting the hood and you don't know what you don't know and you've always been so supportive and utilizing those reports to then grow. And now again today, it's QAPI, it's systems, systems refinement - something you've been doing for a decade. You know, it's great. We're so grateful to have you. Have a great convention. Faye Haverlock from Okeechobee, Florida. Thank you.

Faye: Thank you!

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Kris Mastrangelo, OTR/L, LNHA, MBA


Kris Mastrangelo, OTR/L, LNHA, MBA

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