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Restorative Nursing Program

Posted by The Harmony Team on Wed, May 26, 2010

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Restorative Nursing Program
Restorative Nursing Program refers to those nursing interventions that promote the resident's ability to live as independently and safely as possible.  The restorative nursing program actively focuses on achieving and maintaining optimal physical, mental and psychosocial function. 
The purpose of Restorative Nursing Programs is to increase the patients' independence, promote safety, preserve function, increase self esteem, promote improvement in function and minimize deterioration.  Specific patient goals, objectives and interventions need to be measurable.  A care plan outlining the program is required. 
In general, restorative nursing programs are initiated when a resident is discharged from formalized physical, occupational, or speech rehabilitation therapy services.  A resident may also be started on a restorative program when a restorative need arises during the course of a custodial stay when the patient is not a candidate for a more formalized therapy program. 
To remain in a restorative nursing program, the resident must maintain or retain their level of functioning.  In addition, nursing rehabilitation or restorative care must meet all of the following criteria:

The individual problem must be clearly identified (ex. AROM, splint or brace assistance, transfer, walking, grooming, etc.).
Measurable goals (objectives) and measurable interventions (actions) are clearly documented (care planned) for each individual program. 
Goals should be specific, reasonable, and attainable within a prescribed time.  These short-term goals should be seen in the context of long-term achievement. 
A periodic evaluation by a licensed nurse is present in the resident's record for each individual restorative program.
Nurse assistants/aides are trained in the techniques that promote resident involvement in the activity.
The activities are supervised by a licensed nurse, although these interventions may be carried out by nurse assistants/aides, other staff or volunteers.
The technique, procedure or activity practiced total at least 15 minutes during a 24-hour period to report one day of restorative.

Learn how to develop a Restorative Nursing Program at your facility by calling Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) at 800.530.4413 or by clicking here.

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