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Responding Properly to an ARD or RFA Error

Posted by The Harmony Team on Fri, May 18, 2012

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With the MDS 3.0, an error made in ARD or RFA cannot be corrected but rather the assessment must be inactivated (rather than modified). CMS has stated that in such a case, the existing assessment may not be corrected and resubmitted but instead a new assessment must be completed. The new assessment must be conducted with a current ARD. The potential financial implications of this are great and include potential default payment or provider liability. If the new assessment does not comply with the schedule set forth in the RAI User’s Manual but the patient continues in a Part A stay, the provider must bill default for the days that the assessment is out of compliance. If the patient had already been discharged from Medicare Part A, the assessment cannot be conducted and the provider is liable for all days associated the assessment.

Topics: Medicare Part A, CMS, MDS 3.0, RAI, ARD, RFA

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