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End of Therapy (EOT) and Medicare Part A

Posted by Kris Mastrangelo, OTR/L, LNHA, MBA on Wed, Dec 05, 2012

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Today, we are talking about the End of Therapy OMRA. There are a couple of reasons that you would need to complete the end of therapy OMRA. One reason is when therapy services are being discontinued and the patient is going to continue to be skilled under their Medicare Part A benefit for nursing. Another reason is when there is a break in the provision of therapy services for three more consecutive days. Harmony Consultants discuss during site visits how to prevent an End of Therapy OMRA so that you can maintain your Medicare Part A revenue stream and not have an interruption in your care planning or treatment planning efforts. One of the strategies that we discuss is looking to the appointments that are scheduled for the patient, planning around those appointments or trying to schedule appointments maybe later in the afternoon so therapy can deliver service, especially when the patient is being transferred out of the building for particular appointments. Another instance you can look at is what are the activities for the day if you know a patient is going to be interested in attending a religious activity within the facility then maybe analyzing your hours of operation for therapy. Consider visits provided very early in the morning to patients or have therapists deliver treatments in the evening after the patient has had a full day of their therapy as well as visits and they may be more tired. This way the therapist can assess how the patient performs in the evening especially when the patient is going to be transferred home. This is a valuable assessment during a time when patients are most vulnerable for falls.

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