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Person-Centered Care Planning: Insight to Resident Assessment

Posted by Melissa Fox on Fri, Jan 20, 2017


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Person-Centered-Care2.jpgIn our previous blog post (read here), Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) discussed the 4 Foundational Concepts of a Person-Centered Care. As we continue to discuss the concepts, we'll focus on defining the role of Resident Assessment in Person-Centered Care Planning.

§483.20 Resident assessment of the Requirements of Participation (RoP), can be depicted by the following content:

  • Resident Focus
  • Resident choice and control over their daily lives
  • Individual needs:
    • Patient needs and values dictate the Care Planning process
    • Personality
    • Nationality
    • Ethnicity
    • Beliefs
  • Whole Person
  • Interdisciplinary team to support the resident
  • Assessment of patient’s/resident’s strengths and weaknesses

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) assists providers daily on improving their knowledge of the Care Plan. The comprehensive Care Plan is critical to ensuring updated and accurate interdisciplinary communication.

As per regulation F-279 (comprehensive Care Plans), the Care Plan must:

  • Include measurable objectives and time frames and must describe the services that are to be furnished to attain or maintain the residents highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well- being 
  • Be reviewed and revised periodically, and the services provided or arranged must be consistent with each residents’ written plan of care
  • Be updated to reflect a change to the plan of care each time the resident’s care changes
HHI Interdisciplinary Team Meeting Form

The Care Plan is a communication tool for the entire interdisciplinary team.   Each interdisciplinary team member should be able determine what is needed to provide care for a resident upon reviewing the Care Plan. Care Planning is a constant process that involves multiple steps, which may occur at the same time or in a sequence.

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