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Requirement of Participation (RoP): Facility Assessment Tool

Posted by Kris Mastrangelo, OTR/L, LNHA, MBA on Tue, Jul 25, 2017

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4-Reimbursement.jpgOf the many changes closing in with Phase 2 of the Requirements of Participation, there is the much-discussed Facility Assessment.  This document is due November 28, 2017 and then annually thereafter.

The intent of the Facility Assessment is for Skilled Nursing Facilities to define their facility, via a written report which describes the: 

  • Patient Population
  • Resources
  • Risk Assessments 

Per the regulations, the Facility Wide Resource Assessment (F490) is beneficial to determine the appropriate resources to care for residents during day to day operations and in emergencies. Specifics consist of census, facility resident capacity, types of care considering resident population, types of diseases, staff competencies required with emphasis on resident population, cultural aspects, resources (personnel and equipment), services provided (therapy, pharmacy, etc.), contracts, memorandums of understanding as well as health information technology resources, to name a few. 

As stated above, the document requires revision annually. However, adjustments are necessary in situations in which the facility encounters significant changes in census or services 

The below narrative provides a description of the necessary areas for inclusion in the Facility Assessment. 

  1. Patient Population: The facility’s resident population, including, but not limited to:
    • Both the number of residents and the facility’s resident capacity;
    • The care required by the resident population considering the types of diseases, conditions, physical and cognitive disabilities, overall acuity, and other pertinent facts that are present within that population;
    • The staff competencies that are necessary to provide the level and types of care needed for the resident population;
    • The physical environment, equipment, services, and other physical plant considerations that are necessary to care for this population; and
    • Any ethnic, cultural, or religious factors that may potentially affect the care provided by the facility, including, but not limited to, activities and food and nutrition services.
  2. Resources: The facility’s resources, including but not limited to:
    • All buildings and/or other physical structures and vehicles;
    • Equipment (medical and non-medical);
    • Services provided, such as physical therapy, pharmacy, and specific rehabilitation therapies;
    • All personnel, including managers, staff (both employees and those who provide services under contract), and volunteers, as well as their education and/or training and any competencies related to resident care;
    • Contracts, memorandums of understanding, or other agreements with third parties to provide services or equipment to the facility during both normal operations and emergencies; and
    • Health information technology resources, such as systems for electronically managing patient records and electronically sharing information with other organizations.
  3. Risk Assessments: A facility-based and community-based risk assessment, utilizing an all-hazards approach.
    • Facility-Based
    • Community-Based
    • CMS References the all-hazards approach 1-11 below.

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) Tools 

We understand the incredible demands placed on the SNF operations over the last few years. We hope you find the above overview of Patient Population, Resources and Risk Assessments helpful. To ameliorate the facility assessment completion process, Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) offers you two downloads: 

  • Facility Assessment Checklist: PDF List of all requirements. This tool can be used to assign sections of the report, track designees and section completion.
Download HHI's Facility Assessment Checklist
  • Facility Assessment Template: Word Document for the team to begin entering the narratives into the report.
Download HHI's Facility Assessment Template

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) is available to provide assistance on the Facility Assessment Checklist and the Facility Assessment Template You can contact us by clicking here.  Looking to train your staff?  Join us in person at one of our our upcoming Competency/Certification Courses.  Click here to see the dates and locations. 

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