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Requirements of Participation (RoP): Cultivating Residents' Rights

Posted by Melissa Fox on Tue, Jan 10, 2017

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holdinghands.jpgNovember 28, 2016 Kicked off Phase One of the Requirements of Participation. The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, Action Plan retains all existing resident rights and updates the languages and organization of the resident right provisions.

The foundation of Phase One develops the expanded definitions which include adverse event, exploitation, person-centered care, documentation, posting/displaying, resident representative, abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and “exploitation”, and misappropriation of resident property. 

What action steps to take for Phase 1?

Starting with Resident Rights (§ 483.10)

  1. Resident Representation: identify an individual that will be chosen by resident(s) to act on behalf of resident or person authorized by State or Federal Law.
  2. 483.12 Freedom from Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation: Freedom from abuse, neglect and exploitation implementation Phase 1.
  3. Comprehensive Restructuring:
    1. Providers will retain all existing residents’ rights,
    2. Update to the language and organization of the residents’ rights provisions to improve logical order and readability will occur.
    3. Clarifying aspects of the regulations where necessary, and to update provisions to include advances such as electronic communications.
    4. Eliminating language such as “interested family member” and replacing the term “legal representative” with “resident representative”
    5. Addressing roommate choice
    6. Language regarding physician credentialing to specify that the physician chosen by the resident must be licensed to practice medicine in the state where the resident resides, and must meet professional credentialing requirements of the facility
  4. Right to:
    1. Participate in the planning process, including identifying individuals or roles included in the planning process
    2. Establish expected goals & outcomes of care
    3. Type, amount, frequency & duration of treatment
    4. Request meetings and revisions to the Care Plan
    5. Right to see the Care Plan

PEPPER Analysis

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) will provide additional information on New Policies and Procedures, Patient centered care planning, prevention of adverse events, requirement enhancements for team members, transitions of care, pharmacy services, behavioral health, as well as facility assessments to determine what resources are needed to care for residents for day-to-day operations and in emergencies. Additionally, QAPI, Infection Prevention and Control, Compliance and ethics program, training requirements and other noteworthy changes will be discussed in upcoming HHI Blog posts.

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