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How to Manage the COT OMRA

Posted by The Harmony Team on Fri, Oct 14, 2011

Effective October 1st, a COT OMRA will be required for patients classified into a RUG-IV therapy category whenever the intensity of therapy changes to such a degree it no longer reflects the RUG-IV classification and payment assigned based on the most recent assessment used for Medicare payment.  CMS stresses that SNFs would be required to complete a COT OMRA only if the intensity of therapy changes to such an extent that the patient's RUG classification, based on their last PPS assessment, is no longer an accurate representation of the patient's current clinical condition.  This change in the therapy intensity may be due to scheduled changes or unscheduled changes.  The COT is indicated when the different RUG category is higher or lower than the RUG category in which the resident is currently placed.

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CMS Clarifications on COT OMRA questions and more!!!

Posted by The Harmony Team on Wed, Oct 05, 2011

CMS is  diligently working on tying up any loose ends to prepare the long term care industry for the October 1st changes that are only 4 days away.  CMS has posted a clarification document in regards to the recent comments and question and answer session on the Provider Training Calls conducted August 23 and September 1.  

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