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Selecting the Right Electronic Records System for Your Facility

Posted by Eugene Khazan on Wed, Oct 22, 2014
This is a featured guest blog article written by: 
Eugene Khazan, Founder & CEO, BraveLeaf LLC
BraveLeaf LLC is a new venture formed by CleriCare and Harmony Healthcare International to revolutionize how Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities provide care, and communicate information across the care continuum. For the first time, technical and clinical experts have joined forces to create a modern, easy to use electronic care management system that just works!

Buying software for your facility is not a one-time transaction, it's an ongoing relationship that begins before deployment and continues for the life of the product. Unlike many simpler products, it is imperative that electronic record systems not only have the desired functionality, but also deliver it in a way that is compatible with user's workflow. Therefore, purchase decisions should come down to not just a checklist of features, but also a comprehensive vendor evaluation. Make sure they have domain expertise in your market segment and can be a trusted long-term partner that will support your changing needs in the future.

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