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Putting 2 & 2 Together: Aligning Therapy & Documentation in the SNF

Posted by The Harmony Team on Tue, Dec 01, 2015

For years, I’ve been hearing dedicated SNF Owners and Operators around the country say things like “The business is getting harder and harder,” or “I’ve never seen things quite like this.” Well, that sure is right. None of us have seen things quite like this.

Many around the country are energized and excited about new initiatives to improve quality and efficiency, return more patients safely to the community, and implement new and exciting treatments to medically complex patients in the SNF setting. Yet, according to the FY 2016 OIG Work plan, the OIG is ready to hammer down on the delivery of SNF therapy in the upcoming year. I understand that the information derived from the PEPPER report shows a startling increase in high intensity therapy in the past 3 years, up almost 9 percent. Don’t we need to consider the fact that SNFs are taking a more medically complex patient population than ever before? Aren’t shorter acute care stays also a factor in the need for more therapy for improved outcomes?

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Topics: Therapy Documentation, Documentation, External Audit

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