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Medicare Minute: Therapy Billing Codes

Posted by Kris Mastrangelo on Wed, Jan 15, 2020


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Medicare Minute with Kris Mastrangelo

Join us as we welcome back our Medicare Minute video segments.  In today's video Kris Mastrangelo, President and CEO of Harmony Healthcare International (HHI), discusses changes made to therapy billing codes as of January 2020.  Do you know which two codes were affected? Watch the video to find out!  Also, don't forget to join us January 17th at 1:00 p.m. EST for Friday's Free Webinar on PDPM - Click Here to Register

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Pain Management Intervention

Posted by The Harmony Team on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

Pain management should be an interdisciplinary approach.  For example, nursing can look at PRN versus scheduled medications and what time those medications are administered.  Both therapy and nursing can look at the provision of hot packs, ice packs, therapeutic exercise, range of motion, and positioning techniques.  Your activities department is a hidden resource.  They can help the patient with visualization, relaxation techniques and provide the patient with activities to help distract them from their pain.  Whatever intervention you put in place, you want to make sure it is care planned appropriately and reviewed regularly.  That way you know you have the best intervention in place to help manage your patient’s pain.

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A Simple Key to ARD Selection

Posted by The Harmony Team on Fri, Oct 12, 2012

 Today, I want to talk about Assessment Reference Date selection or ARD Management.  One of the key factors for selection of ARD is the communication between the MDS Coordinator and the therapy department.  Whether you have a Rehab Manager or somebody within the department who is designated to communicate with the MDS Coordinator, it is significantly important to schedule a time to meet regularly.  Truly, here at Harmony, we feel as though ARD management should be something that occurs on a daily basis so that MDS and Rehab are discussing any time that there is a change in the level of care provided to a patient through the therapy minutes.  Potentially, a patient could get sick and miss therapy minutes or maybe a patient is doing exceptionally well and therapy is able to provide additional minutes to that patient.  The bottom line is that every day there should be some type of communication between MDS and Therapy to make sure that you are capturing the most accurate level of service provided to the patient.  This will in turn allow the facility to receive the most accurate level of reimbursement for the services that you are providing.  This hopefully will spur some discussion between MDS and Rehab.

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CMS Stresses Accuracy on MDS Interviews

Posted by The Harmony Team on Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Today’s Medicare Minute we are going to talk about interviews on the MDS.  At the MDS National Convention CMS stressed the importance of interview accuracy on the MDS.  Unlike the MDS 2.0, MDS 3.0 has four structured interviews.  This includes the PHQ-9, which looks at the patient’s mood, The BIMS, which looks at the patient’s cognition, Activity preferences, and pain.  Each one of these interviews has a specific timeline in which they need to be completed.  The PHQ-9 should be honored before the ARD, the BIMS has a seven day look back, the activity preference interview has a seven day look back, and the pain interview has a five day look back.  In completing your interviews, you want to make sure you read the RAI Manual carefully, including Appendix D, because there are great tips and guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your interview process.   If you are signing sections that have interviews you might have to sign the MDS twice, once before the ARD for the interview and again after the ARD for the rest of the section.  Whatever your process is, you want to make sure that you have good systems set up so that not only are you getting the most out of your interview, but that you have got ARDs well managed so that interviews are timely. 

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Pain Management Intervention - Medicare Minute

Posted by The Harmony Team on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Pain Management Intervention - Medicare Minute

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Introducing Harmony Healthcare's "Medicare Minute" Video Blog!

Posted by The Harmony Team on Tue, Jan 24, 2012

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