As part of an overall facility assessment, the staffing analysis provides SNF’s with clinical and regulatory-based operational detail that is founded on historical utilization and staffing by discipline.

In addition, this analysis is critical to ensuring accurate and appropriate reimbursement for value-based purchasing, ACOs and bundled payment initiatives. This analysis is essential to successfully achieving outcomes while preserving the integrity of the program. Case management by Nursing and Rehabilitation is one of the primary factors affecting clinically anticipated stays. Identifying trends in data (re-hospitalization, discharge location, etc.) allows facility’s to ensure they have the clinical resources available to manage the facility’s population and prevent re-hospitalizations. This analysis results in customized recommendations to ensure appropriate and optimal staffing patterns that enhance productivity, efficiency and patient outcomes.

Staffing is available for:

  • Therapy
  • Nursing
  • MDS

How can Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) help?

Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) can assist with the following:

Therapy Staffing

  • Physical, occupational and speech language pathology staffing analyzed by FTEs and credentials (OTR versus COTA etc.)
  • A visual representations of daily staffing with hours and FTEs by discipline
  • Hours operational assessment 
  • Medicare RUG Analysis
  • Medicare Part B Utilization Review
  • Managed Care Skilled and Long-Term Care Utilization Review
  • Recommended staffing in order to meet operational and clinical needs
  • Productivity and efficiency analysis 
  • PEPPER Analysis
Nursing Staffing

  • Detailed review and trending of census 
  • Historic nursing staff analysis by unit, day and patient acuity
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revenue Analysis
  • Five-Star Analysis
  • Comparison to Federal and State requirements 
  • Clinically Anticipated Stay
  • Job Description Review 
  • Staff Training and Competency-Based Review
  • Nurse Staffing Recommendations
MDS Staffing

  • Work Flow Analysis
  • Historic MDS Staffing analysis
  • Detailed review of current MDS Coordinator job description
  • Review of Interdisciplinary team meeting process and MDS scheduling process
  • Census analysis 
  • Medicare Revenue Analysis
  • Medicaid Analysis
  • Admissions and discharge analysis 
  • MDS Policy and Procedure Review
  • MDS Focused Survey Overview
  • MDS Staffing and Staffing Pattern Recommendations
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