QAPI Program Development

Every skilled nursing facility is required to have a structured QAPI Process as part of the facility's Quality Assurance efforts.

Through the QAPI Process, the facility will use data to identify new or emerging performance improvement opportunities in order to elevate or maintain program performance.

A facility specific QAPI Process is essential to ensure that quality care is provided to all patients through a plan that systematically designs, measures, monitors, evaluates and improves performance. The plan sets forth organizational and functional strategies to be used in the methodical coordination of an interdisciplinary, data-driven, quality driven team whose overall mission is the achievement of validated improvements in facility care activities sustained over time.

Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) will lead the development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance, of an effective facility specific QAPI Process.

How can Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) Help?

Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) will provide the following services:

  • QAPI Internal Reporting Structure Development:
    • Develop QAPI committee with identification of committee chair and co-chair.
    • Develop QAPI committee charter including identification of Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI Matrix). RACI stands for:
      • Responsible - Who is responsible for the execution of the task?
      • Accountable - Who is accountable for the tasks and signs off the work?
      • Consulted – Who are the subject matter experts who to be consulted? (Stakeholders)
      • Informed – Who are the people who need to be updated of the progress? (Both internally and externally)
    • The difference between Consulted and Informed categories is that in the former case there is a two-way communication (getting their inputs in the process too) and in the latter case there is just a one-way communication (just letting them know)

  • QAPI Work Plan Development:
    • Identify specific QAPI Work Plan initiatives to be addressed based on areas recognized during the facility systems review and gap analysis process performed earlier during the engagement. 
    • Develop streamlined, detailed, facility-based data collection processes. 
    • Calculate baseline measures, research benchmarks, standards of practice specific to areas being addressed and develop data-driven targets/goals to measure improvement over time. 
    • Develop facility specific action plans/performance improvement objectives (interventions) to reach targets/goals. 
  • QAPI Work Plan Monthly and Quarterly Reporting Structure Development:
    • Develop template for tracking and reporting data each month. 
    • Identify population that requires updates monthly, quarterly and annually. 
    • Mentor committee chair and co-chair throughout QAPI development and oversight process. 
    • Develop template for monthly tracking, quarterly reporting and annual summary.

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