Educational Webinars

Public and Private

Education and Training offerings are created by Harmony HealthCARE Specialists, seasoned experts on the cutting edge of industry changes. Harmony HealthCARE Specialists are committed to providing our customers with the most up to date regulatory changes and present the material in such a way that allows for the practical application within the provider. These abbreviated seminars (1 to 3 hours) include a toll free number and interactive webinar link to view live on your computer.

Harmony HealthCARE Specialists exposure to varying healthcare structures as well as participation in policy-making subcommittees provides varied experiences that the HealthCARE Specialists can draw from. Your provider will benefit from this high level of expertise.

Live webinars provide the opportunity for interaction with HealthCARE Specialists on a number of hot topics. On Demand webinars provide a convenient alternative to traditional seminars. Learners can attend webinars at any time, maintaining their workflow while staying current with industry updates. 

Our Harmony HealthCARE Specialists can develop a customized program to meet your needs.

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