Mentoring/Coaching: Nurse Leadership

Effective Nursing Leadership is the cornerstone to quality care and survey success. With a strong foundation and a mentor to guide development, strong Nursing Leaders can assist your provider to become a higher level Skilled Nursing Facility.

Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) will provide a standardized or customized mentoring and training program for Nurse Leadership based on the specific needs of the organization and individual. Our mentoring programs combine leadership guidance with education so provider staff has the tools to succeed in their role.

How can Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) help?

Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) mentoring for Nurse Leadership includes but is not limited to: 

  • Skilled Documentation
  • Effective Rounding
  • Team Communication
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Skill Development
  • Staff accountability
  • Observation of morning report
  • Review of Job Descriptions
  • Nurse Manager observation and individual meetings with unit managers
  • Identification of specific issues
  • Development of Implementation of action / accountability plans on specific issues identified
  • Comprehensive Written Report
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