Plan of Correction Development

Deficiencies happen, Harmony can help.

Based on a review of the facility’s statement of deficiencies and supporting documentation, Harmony Healthcare (HHI) will provide facilities with a comprehensive Plan of Correction based upon the most recent survey type and date.

How can Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) help?

The Plan of Correction will include all necessary details to meet current CMS and/or State guidelines which include the following:

    • Steps taken to correct the deficient practice for specific individuals cited;
    • Identification process for any other patients at risk and specific plans implemented to avoid the deficient practice for these patients;
    • Steps taken to prevent future occurrences of deficient practice – including but not limited to policy and procedure review, education and disciplinary action; and
    • Process implemented to monitor corrective actions taken and the facility role if/when potential issues have been identified.

The Plan of Correction shall also include completion dates for each phase of the corrective action.  

Facility’s role in the process:

  • Provide the Statement of Deficiency in a timely fashion to allow for a detailed plan to be developed 
  • Provide Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) with the designated responsible team member for each area of deficiency on the Plan of Correction to ensure it has been followed (for example, Administrator, DON
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