Revenue Cycle Management

Positive revenue cycle performance in the Post-Acute Setting requires expertise in the integration of both the clinical and fiscal processes to ensure accurate and timely reimbursement.

SNF's need appropriate staffing, competencies, processes and technology to facilitate a positive reimbursement stream and remain solvent. The revenue cycle begins with the pre-admission procedure and culminates with the collections processes. Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) provides tools and education to facility staff at each level to better understand their role and facilitate the forward flow of information toward successfully paid claims.

How can Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) help?

By providing a detailed and focused oversight to the operational aspect of the Revenue Cycle, Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) will assist the customer by evaluating the key process breakdowns in the areas of:

  • Data Collection & Review 
  • Insurance Verification (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Prior Authorization
  • Intake & Admission
  • Payment Instructions
  • Billing Process (Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Private Pay)
  • Claim payments
  • Private Pay Billing
  • Follow-up on Denied Claims
  • Appeal of Denied Claims

Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) will also provide the facility with a detailed exit conference with the leadership team, as well as a comprehensive written report based on the findings.

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