If a patient is discontinued from hospice while a resident at a skilled nursing facility, does a (SCSA) Significant Change in Status Assessment need to be done?

Per MDS 3.0 RAI Manual, Chap. 2 v.1.13, pages 2-21 and 2-22.  A SCSA is  REQUIRED to be performed when a resident is receiving hospice services and then decides to discontinue those services (known as revoking of hospice care). The ARD must be within 14 days from one of the following:

1) the effective date of the hospice election revocation (which can be the same or later than the date of the hospice election revocation statement, but not earlier than);

2) the expiration date of the certification of terminal illness; or

3) the date of the physician’s or medical director’s order stating the resident is no longer terminally ill.