Identify Your Post Acute Care Needs

Senior Manager/ Regional Manager/ Regional Vice President:  Harmony
Healthcare International’s tools and services can assist in your efforts to
evaluate how you compare to your peers, how can I get all of my
buildings to perform like my shining stars, while providing an answer to
the question:  

How can I improve my organization's performance?

Administrator:  Your work lives in the details.  You are constantly fighting the battle to
stay one step ahead of ZPICs, OMIGs, Audits and Surveys.  Harmony
Healthcare International can help you answer the question:  

Will my medical records stand up to review?

MDS Coordinator:  It seems that priorities are a moving target.  Today
it's G-Codes, tomorrow it's Documentation in Section M - who knows what it will
be the day after that?  Let Harmony Healthcare International help you
answer the question:

How can I best tackle the challenges that I face every day?

Clinician:  Whether you are a nurse, a speech therapist, physical therapist, or occupational
therapist, you face issues regarding care plans, documentation, minute
management, communication, and regulatory compliance.  Harmony Healthcare
International can help you clear the muddy waters and answer the question:

Am I accurately documenting the skilled services and care that I