If a Patient is admitted to a skilled nursing facility on hospice care on the day of admission, does a SCSA need to be completed along with an Admission Assessment?

Per the MDS 3.0 RAI manual MDS 3.0 RAI Manual, Chap. 2 v.1.13, page 2-21.: If a resident is admitted on the hospice benefit (i.e. the resident is coming into the facility having already elected hospice), or elects hospice on or prior to the ARD of the Admission assessment, the facility should complete the Admission assessment, checking the Hospice Care item, O0100K. Completing an Admission assessment followed by a SCSA is NOT required.


Additionally, If the resident is admitted on the hospice benefit after the Admission ARD but prior to its completion, the ARD can be adjusted to the date of the start of hospice so that only the Admission assessment is required.  In such situations, an SCSA is not required.