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Kris is a nationally-recognized keynote speaker with more than 24 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with a specialty in the Post-Acute Care Arena. She has an Occupational Therapist degree from Tufts University, followed by a Master's in Business Administration from Salem State University coupled with a Nursing Home Administrator's License. Kris currently owns and operates Harmony Healthcare International, Inc. (HHI) which she founded in 2001. Kris is a mother of four daughters, is obsessed with the store Alice and Olivia and lives by fresh juices from Pressed. She is committed to clean living, a healthy lifestyle and supplements this by practicing yoga.

Kris B Harmony

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The mission of  Kris B Harmony is empowering people who are systematically marginalized and seeing changes in our laws and society. Through professional keynote speaking and "The Kris B Harmony Series", we intend to reach millions of viewers and to have powerful conversations with them. Inspiring and empowering audiences, so they too, can have a global impact with what really matters to them.

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"I speak to share knowledge, ignite thought and inspire
change" - Kris Mastrangelo

Motivational Team Building | Customer Service | Entrepreneurial Road Map | Predictable Success Communication | Body Language | Healthy Relationships | Group Dynamics | Divorce and Family Impact | Mental Health (Loneliness, Depression, Narcissism, etc.) | Coping Mechanisms | PTSD Social Media | Abuse (Legal, Physical, Emotional, Financial) | Gender Bias | Equality | Happiness | Leadership Training

Professional Keynote Speaker: "The Wow Factor"

Kris speaks on a range of topics from leadership, growing wealth, scaling a business, brain health, wellness, and navigating family matters while balancing CEO life. Kris's quick pace and high-energy stage presence are electrifying. She is the perfect speaker to open any event and "wake up" audiences. Just as well, Kris is the ideal speaker to powerfully close an event, leaving audiences with a lingering impression of "wow".

Professional Keynote Speaker


"Mental Health and Keeping Your Brain Healthy" Kris Mastrangelo shares her experiences, along with scientifically-supported information, about maintaining brain health, and the pitfalls of living life out of balance. She shares her personal struggles of changing family dynamics, its impact on children, PTSD, and depression.

"Entrepreneurial Road Map" Kris Mastrangelo shares her story of building a successful business with over 20 years of enlightening the audience with hard facts, personal gains and losses, what worked and what did not work. Audiences leave with tangible advice they can apply directly to any industry and any job level.

"Predictable Success" is one of Kris Mastrangelo's most powerful talks, offering true insider information on scaling a business, managing the ebbs and flows of operating a business from being a startup to becoming a pillar in their industry.





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Kris B Harmony Series

"The Kris B Harmony Series" showcases local Boston and nationally-recognized movers, shakers, and change-makers. Always upbeat, entertaining, and insightful, we upload a new episode every week. Subscribe below to stay in the know about guests, special events, and opportunities!

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