Exclusive Partnerships


Looking for recruitment support can be very overwhelming.  Which company can you trust to get you the consistent, repeat results you need?  Or perhaps you have been inundated with multiple agencies hounding you or different recruiters submitting the same candidates time and again? 

Often times, when several agencies are working on the same position, you may not receive the consistency and cultural fit that you are looking for. Not to mention, your valuable time having to be potentially wasted on several conversations with different entities on the same staffing topic…there simply just isn’t enough time in the day.

It is through an exclusive partnership that you can achieve unparalleled results and outcomes.  

How can Harmony (HHI) help?

An exclusive partnership with Harmony Healthcare International allows our organization to become an extension of yours.  By permitting us to be your sole provider of recruitment services, we are able to streamline your candidate searches to provide more effective and efficient outcomes. Not only does this partnership provide considerably discounted fee structures, but your organization will benefit tremendously from consistency in who is representing you.

Exclusive Partnerships are beneficial in any recruitment need or circumstance.  We highly recommend exclusive partnerships for specific hiring projects, such as, staffing a new facility, recruiting for a hard to fill position or creating and recruiting an in-house rehabilitation team.