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Therapy Mild Dementia Adaptations

Treating patients with dementia is commonplace in the skilled nursing home setting.  Levels vary wildly and it is one of the most important factors in discharge planning.  Thankfully, there are many environmental adaptations and tools that can help the patient with mild dementia to be successful independently.  Something as simple as a checklist on a bathroom mirror to the more technologically advanced computerized pill dispenser complete with bells and whistles that will alert the patient when its time for their medications (I think some come with a mini laser light show).  Of course, the more complex your gadget the pricier it becomes and we have all heard from our patients the limitations of their income.

How have your helped your patients with mild dementia be successful at home?  Are there tricks and tools of the trade you have used routinely?  How do you support the patients’ needs given their budgetary restrictions?