Therapy Staffing Analysis


A critical element to running a successful nursing home is how to operate a Rehabilitation Department.  The Rehabilitation Department can significantly impact the reputation of the facility influencing the opinion of community residents, referring physicians and hospitals. Operating a Rehabilitation Department should be handled as the “The Business Within the Business.”

SNF operators can apply similar principals for operating a nursing facility (i.e. managing census, assuring quality care and accounting for billable treatments) when managing a therapy department.

Potential Risk to Providers:

Accurately and adequately Staffing the therapy department can be the most complicated yet is most essential.  The facility census often will dictate the full time equivalents necessary to provide services accordingly. Identification of the number of therapists, the hours of operation and the staffing mix between Registered and Assistant level clinicians are just a few of the discussion questions up for debate. 

How can Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) help?

The HHI Therapy Staffing analysis assists facilities in determining the total hours of therapy staff required to meet the patient's needs in the face of clinical complexities and functional deficits. HHI gathers multiple data points to provide this analysis including census data, anticipated caseload, consideration of Registered ratio to Assistant ratio, therapy programming, staffing mix and department expenses. 

The goal of the therapy staffing analysis is to prepare a Therapy Staffing pattern for each discipline. This affords the HHI team to analyze the relationship between patient treatments and staffing levels. This will allow the HHI Consultants to confirm accurate levels and problem solve for solutions. Each month, the HHI Consultant assesses the therapy staffing with the aid of the Rehabilitation Director and/or Manager.

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