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AHCA Provider Lounge Series: Staffing and Quality of Care: It’s all about the Community within the Community

Posted by The Harmony Team on Fri, Jan 13, 2017

Edited by Kris Mastrangelo

Interview with Luanne Rogers, President & CEO - The Courville Company

Kris Mastrangelo, President of Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) interviews Luanne Rogers, President and CEO of the Courville Communities of New Hampshire in the AHCA Provider Lounge.  Luanne discusses how her amazing staff retention rates have lead to improved quality of care - something Luanne is proud to celebrate (Audio transcription below).


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Transcribed Audio:

Kris Mastrangelo: Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the Provider Lounge interviews.  Today we have a very special guest:  Luanne Rogers, President and CEO of the Courville Communities out of New Hampshire.  Welcome Luanne.

Luanne Rogers:  Thank you Kris.  Good to see you too.

Kris:  Why don’t you tell us a little about your properties.  Give an overview of what’s going.

Luanne:  Well the Courville Community happens to be one of the last – I call it the last man standing.  We’re a privately owned company with two nursing homes and two assisted living facilities.  There aren’t many of us private independents left in any state, let alone New Hampshire so we try to work with the other single independent providers.  We’re lucky enough to have an independent owner that really wants to move his facilities forward into the future so he gives us plenty of leeway to do that and help s us partner with others in the community.  That’s probably the most exciting things that we do.

Kris:  New Hampshire is a very strong community and with that talk to me a little about staffing currently and what you’ve prepared for the future.  How’s that going?

Luanne:  Well I think one of the strengths of our company has been our retention of our staff.  We just had a party last Spring.  We had about 350 employees and 160 guests that we celebrated that had been with the company for more than five years.  So we feel very blessed with that kind of commitment to our facilities and staffing is the biggest challenge, I think, for any provider out there so to have that loyal core staff helps you recruit others to your facility.  We know that the number of people out there is not going to stay what we need it to be so we’re trying to use technology to make our staff more efficient with perhaps less but focusing on employee retention so that when you hire that good worker you find a way to keep them with you and not go chasing the ten cents down the block.  None of us can keep adding the ten cents to hire new staff because we are not getting paid any more.

Kris:  Your five-year party is truly a reflection of your management style and how well you treat your employees.  That should be commended.

Luanne:  And I have to tell you that we had two employees who had been there for more than 30 years.

Kris:  Now how does is the retention translating into, let’s say, Quality Measures.  Do you think there’s a value to it?

Luanne:  Well I think once you have hired your staff and you’ve trained them you’ve made a huge investment and they own what they do.  If you empower them to do their jobs well, they promote your quality of care.  They’re the ones that become the caregivers that treat their residents like family because they become family.   It’s so fun to see your nurses’ aides with some of your residents and they know about their children, they know about the grandchildren, they know the daughter.  They know the family.  And they know each other’s families and they go to events with each other.  It’s just what’s important and that’s what leads to quality of care because you truly are caring for those like we care for our family.

Kris:  Well we’re grateful to have you today.  Staffing and quality of care go hand in hand.  The Courville Communities have such an amazing reputation in the community, but it’s the community within their organization that bring such great successes.  Thank you so much for coming today.

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