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SNF Therapy Legislative Updates

Posted by Kris Mastrangelo on Wed, Feb 23, 2011

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The following information is found posted on the AOTA website. Harmony encourages SNF therapy professionals to log onto their professional association websites and take action to affect change with the legistlative measures discussed below.


"With the republicans majority in the House focusing on efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and the Senate yet to nail down a legislative agenda the 112th Congress has gotten off to a relatively slow start. The 112th Congress is now poised to address several issues critical to the  therapy professions."


Medicare Part B Outpatient Therapy Caps

"AOTA and other Associations were successful in securing an extension of the exceptions process through the end of the year.  Addressing this issue remains critical to the therapy professions and the patients served.  AOTA is actively working in coalition with other groups and with champions on Capital Hill to reintroduce the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act, formerly H.R. 43/S.46, in the 112th Congress to fully repeal the arbitrary annual cap on critical therapy services. To support association efforts in securing strong bi-partisan support in both chambers of Congress, Harmony recommends investigation into the legislative action centers on each association site. Most contain an action center that enable individuals to contact specific representatives in both chambers of Congress to urge their support for this important issue."


Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR)

AOTA reports they will be meeting with representatives from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to discuss the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) rule. AOTA will be focusing on the distinct nature of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language pathology in providing effective, medically necessary care and the need to recognize this distinction when implementing Medicare payment policy.  The Associations will continue to exhaust all available avenues to address this harmful, arbitrary cut to reimbursement.


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