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Optimizing Medicare Part A Length of Stay with Discharge Planning

Posted by The Harmony Team on Thu, Jun 14, 2012

Edited by Kris Mastrangelo

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Discharge planning is the key element in managing Medicare Part A length of stay. Discharge planning can be significantly impacted by completing a home assessment. Completing a detailed review of the home environment and the patient’s ability to function in that home environment will help identify discharge needs, ensure safe and successful discharge to home for the patient, and may lengthen the rehabilitation stay for the facility. It is suggested that the completion of a home assessment is communicated at the initiation of the therapy program. The purpose and expectations need to be discussed with the patient and family as part of discussing the therapy plan of care and goals. This communication helps set the foundation for the patient for a successful rehabilitation program as well as successful discharge to home. Conducting a home assessment involves taking the patient out of a controlled environment and assessing their abilities in their real life environment. The home assessment is the opportunity not only to assess whether the patient will be successful upon discharge but a determination of what needs to be further addressed in therapy at the facility to ensure a safe and successful discharge to home. Upon completion of the home assessment, new goals are established with continued treatment to focus on those more specific areas that need to be addressed prior to discharge. Continued treatment following this home assessment may be required to address the higher level skills required in order for patients to experience a safe and successful discharge to home.

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