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Top 3 Things You Need to Know for SNF Operational Success

Posted by Joyce Sadewicz on Thu, Nov 30, 2017

Edited by Kris Mastrangelo


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Finger Presses Red Button  Improve Efficiency on Black Keyboard Background. Closeup View. Selective Focus. 3D Render..jpegWe all hear Kris Mastrangelo reinforce the importance of leadership simplifying the message when discussing the fundamental principles of operational success in the nursing home sector. I think the Specialists at  Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) chant this mantra as we drive, fly and ride to our clients across the country. 

Fill the beds, collect the money and provide great care…..Fill the beds, collect the money and provide great care……Fill the beds, collect the money and provide great care…..Fill the beds, collect the money and provide great care….. 

It seems simple, yet, far too often we see operational failures occur when the team loses sight of the basics.  If you and your team embed these 3 points into your daily dashboard of operational metrics, your path to success is  attainable. 

  1. Fill the Beds

    It is important to readily admit patients that require the services rendered in your facility.  In addition, it is important to manage the care delivery and the duration within the SNF setting.   Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) dubs this the Clinically Anticipated Stay (CAS).   This person-centered journey is defined by the patient’s physical, mental and psychosocial needs to attain his or her highest practical state of well-being.  As practical matter, considering economy and efficiency, if the services can only be rendered in the SNF, then this setting is where the patient should receive the services. 

    Care Planning the patient’s clinically anticipated stay requires an interdisciplinary, expedient, user-friendly, person-centered discussion for problem solving based upon the clinical expectations, such as:

    • Patient Goals
    • Therapy Goals
    • Nursing Goals
    • Medical Goals
    • Discharge Destination
    If the patient is clinically appropriate to receive care in the facility, they should remain in the facility until all goals are met and the patient is prepared for a safe and effective discharge to home.  It is important to track details of the Clinically Anticipated Stay (CAS) such as, destination, diagnoses, category, and length of stay. This data is integral for your Facility Assessment Tool.

  2. Collect Your Money

    Cash is critical to pay the bills.  Accounts receivables is a common area of opportunity.  Often times, extraordinary amounts of time and energy are expended on efforts that produce minimal results. SNF billing is a specialty and requires intimate knowledge of Medicare Entitlement, Medicare Eligibility, Medicare Coverage Criterion, RUG Categorization, Medicare Part A Rates, Out of Cycle Other Medicare Required Assessments, Medicaid RUG Categorization, Calculation of Case Mix, and Case Mix Add-Ons…….and the list goes on.  Ongoing oversight, systems refinement and training is necessary to attain and maintain a healthy flow of receivables within your organization.  
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  3. Provide Great Care

    The industry is constantly gaining knowledge on the betterment high quality service delivery. CMS is refining the requirements of participation with value metrics, systems expectations and cutting edge evidence based research on care advancements.  Attainment of the provision of great care is a direct result of staff education, oversight, role modeling and competencies. The care provided at every SNF across the U.S. is transparent and published on the CMS Website Nursing Home Compare. It is essential to review the CASPER reports, assess the Quality Measures and address areas that require investigation.  

Keep these 3 points in mind as you navigate through the hustle and bustle of the day to day journey.  Keep it simple.

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) is available to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have. You can contact us by clicking here.  Looking to train your staff?  Join us in person at one of our our upcoming Competency/Certification Courses.  Click here to see the dates and locations. 

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