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    December 8, 2016

    Medicare Leave of Absence: Home for the Holidays

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    December 1, 2016

    Medicare Part A PPS Discharge MDS Assessment

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    June 9, 2014

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Proposed Rule FY2015

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    August 10, 2013

    CMS SNF PPS Final Rule for FY 2014 Published

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    September 12, 2012

    COT OMRA: What to Consider?

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    June 20, 2012

    Case Mix as a Medicaid Reimbursement System

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    May 30, 2012

    Encoding Period and the MDS. The Importance of a Triple Check System

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    October 14, 2011

    How to Manage the COT OMRA

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    September 13, 2011

    SNF PPS Final Rule FY2012: Strategies For The Transition

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    September 9, 2011

    MDS 3.0 RAI Manual Changes

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    August 26, 2011

    MDS 3.0, PPS rate adjustments, What is the Focus for Fiscal Year 2012

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    August 12, 2011

    SNF PPS FY 2012; Final Rule Considerations and Preparations

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